Neil Sardinas (USA)

On Sunday evening, I returned from Spain after a month long emersion into Andalucían culture. Last Friday five students graduated from a classical and flamenco guitar-building course. y project was a traditional cedar and rosewood Granada style classical guitar.

The instructor’s standards and knowledge are at a very high level. It was an opportunity of a lifetime to work with him in his shop. He had us plane our soundboards in specific areas to specified dimensions to a tolerance of a tenth of a millimeter to maximize the guitar’s sound quality.

On the final night visiting professional guitarristas, guitar players, played each student’s guitar. The musicians performed all night and into the morning. I left for Madrid on Saturday morning with 1½ hours of sleep.

During the month, people would visit and play guitars in the shop. The community, La Herradura, Granada celebrated the Fiesta de la Primavera and Dia de las Cruzes with music and dancing.

Lydia was only able to visit Spain for a week. During that week, Lydia and I visited the world famous Prado Art Museum in Madrid. It was nice but the best art experience for me was the live music and dancing in Granada.

It was so cool!


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